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ULTEM™ is one of the highest performing polymers and is widely utilized in the most demanding engineering market segments that include aerospace, automotive and medical industries. This material is also known as PEI (polyetherimide).

In order to obtain high print quality, a fully enclosed heated chamber is required in the 3D Printer. The minimum temperature is 170°C, and the heat must maintain stability throughout the print. 

Printing with this material also requires a specific build surface. By having all of these required features, the 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 is the optimal high-performance ULTEM™ 3D printer – all at ultra-fast speeds – to push from rapid prototyping to rapid production.


Filament can be produced from many different polymer grades, with the most common being AM9085F.

Unique properties include high-temperature resistance up to 180ºC, resistance for natural and synthetic solvents, high dielectric strength, and good thermal conductivity. Compared to PEEK and PEKK, PEI shows slightly lower strength, stability, and creep resistance. Find out more about PEEK and PEKK.

ULTEM™ 9085 is a trademark of SABIC.


Due to unique material properties like excellent flame resistance and high working temperatures, toxicity, and anti-corrosion, ULTEM™ is highly sought and approved by the aircraft manufacturers and the transportation industry and now of high priority in some Medical device applications. 

The high-performance properties allow 3D printed ULTEM parts to be used as end-use parts and metal replacement applications in transportation, aerospace and automotive industries.