Delta Equipement has been founded in 1976  by Yves Daunas and William Carls – creators of sealless, pneumatic metal-to-metal valves. Shortly after, the company started distributing other innovations and importing US machines for French industry. In 1980 DeltaEquipement also positioned itself as a component supplier in the motion control area. In the next steps, the company worked closely with industrial machine specialists, which finally allowed Delta Equipement to broaden its range and build a complete movement control offer.

With the 3DGence Industry, print with two materials like ABS and HIPS is really easy thank to the dual prints module and the automatics calibration. Complex geometries are now easily printable with a perfect reliability.

3DGence ONE is really easy to use, I can focus on my projects using the 3D print as a powerful tool.

Jérémy HAW

Additive Manufacturing Projects Manager

Delta Equipement