How can you verify print quality before purchasing a 3D printer? We decided to meet the demand of people interested in 3DGence DOUBLE and created an opportunity to check 3D models quality by yourself.


3DGence DOUBLE – order 3D printed sample

We have launched a dedicated website for people, who want to know more about capabilities of new, dual extruder 3D printer.

Everyone has a chance to order 3D printed sample free of charge. We will contact with every person, who use the address to complete a short form.

Sample will be printed by 3DGence DOUBLE and we will deliver it to home or office. Shipping is free in EU. 3DGence sales department will contact you for shipping details.

MTB brake caliper

Selected 3D printout is a model of mountain bike brake system holder. It is printed with the model material PLA and support material BVOH. Layer height was set at  0.25 mm, its very thin walls perfectly reflect the assumed shape. The print time of this part is 3 hours.

Check how it dissolves in water

The model was prepared to show how easy it is to remove printed supports without any problems. Equipped with a dual extruder 3DGence DOUBLE 3D printer enables printing from water-soluble material BVOH, which allows removing supports without problems. Thanks to this solution you don’t have to manually deal with supports printed with HIPS or other breakaway materials. An attempt to remove the supports mechanically may cause damage to the printout. BVOH support material gives the possibility of rinsing support material from the model and leave it in a perfect form. Two-material printing allows you to create projects with advanced geometry. In this case, the printout is subjected only to the influence of time and water

Is the water temperature relevant?

The best effects of dissolving support material can be achieved with warm water. However, it can not be a temperature that threatens the building material. Water heated up to approx. 50°C will help remove the supports from the printout much faster. This process can also be improved by mixing water. Finally, ensuring optimal conditions, such as in an ultrasonic cleaner, will dissolve the BVOH filament in just a few minutes.

3DGence DOUBLE  – print in 3D

3D printer – 3DGence DOUBLE was launched onto market on 15th March. DOUBLE is equipped with dual extruder, material flow control system and autocalibration. These properties allow achieving users high-quality 3D printouts.

To show mechanical properties of 3DGence DOUBLE we designed special sample which can be ordered at . They were also prepared with the idea that each person who ordered a printout would be able to flush out the support in the conditions they created.

Would you like to check print quality 3DGence DOUBLE? Order free sample at and check how dedicated BVOH filaments dissolves in the water. See for yourself!