Ikonic Ltd became an official 3DGence distributor in the UK. At TCT show in Birmingham, last details were set up. The agreement was signed in Manchester where the company is based. Since 24th of October 3DGence products are available directly from distributor’s warehouse in England.

About Ikonic

Ikonic is one of the leaders in IT industry in the UK. The company was founded in 1996 and right now employs over 80 people. Dedicated and multilingual sales, support and service departments ensures perfect service quality. Ikonic’s own logistic centre provides quick deliveries anywhere in the country.


This is an exciting opportunity for Ikonic Technology Ltd and our team are enthusiastic to develop the relationship with 3DGence. 3DGence have an impressive management team offering full support to ensure great products and excellent customer service.

Chris Perry – Managing Director Ikonic


Andrzej Kukuła – President of 3DGence  (left), Chris Perry – Managing Director Ikonic