MSG Group is currently one of the biggest holdings in East-Central Europe, with 14000 employees. Their investments are focused on companies involved in modern technologies. For 3DGence, being acquired by the MSG Group means a huge development boost. One of the worlds largest India rubber manufacturer Synthos will now be collaborating with 3DGence on producing their own 3D printing filaments. Synthos has the knowledge and experience that will eventually help 3DGence to introduce 3D printing to new industries.

Thanks to MSG Group resources and support of 3DGence investor – Michał Sołowow, the company acquired funds and knowledge essential for conducting intensive expansion on international markets and for introducing a new product line. 3DGence has also increased in production capacity and is currently researching different printing technologies. In 2016 the crew was reinforced by the new President of the Board – Andrzej Kukuła. 3DGence is hiring specialists and expanding its horizons, to create a sustainable and innovative enterprise.

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