3DGence Industry F421 is an Industrial high-temperature 3D Printer capable of printing the highest-performance polymers such as ULTEM™ and PEEK.


High quality, dimensional accuracy, and repeatable results for functional prototypes and end-use parts.


Push from Rapid Prototyping to Rapid Production with ultra-fast speed.
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Print with high performance and engineering materials that can be processed at wide range of temperatures.

Interchangeable printing modules

Print the widest range of highest-performance and engineering materials that can used by various industries and applications.

3DGence INDUSTRY F421 features a unique modular technology for enhanced 3D printing capabilities. Eliminate the need for multiple 3D printers.

Using the INDUSTRY F421 temperature specific printing modules combined with professionally engineered printing profiles, you will obtain superior results in print quality.

3DGence INDUSTRY F421 pushes the boundaries of the printing speed of industrial 3D printers.

Ultra Fast Print Speed

3DGENCE INDUSTRY F421 pushes the boundaries and standard of industrial 3D printers in productivity and functionality.

Print speed is an essential aspect of the total value proposition. Printing in speeds up to 400 mm/second and 1 meter per second of travel move makes the INDUSTRY F421 a solution for rapid prototyping to full-fledged rapid production and customization.

The heated chamber allows to reach the high temperature and maintain it on the stable level.

Fully Enclosed Heated Chamber for Ultra Polymers

3DGENCE INDUSTRY F421 reaches and maintains a stable high temperature required to print the most advanced materials on the market today.

Print highest-performance and engineering materials with superior print quality, exceptional mechanical strength, and high dimensional accuracy. This is further enabled by 3DGence's exclusive ESM-10 soluble support for PEEK, PEKK and CF-PEEK.

Highest-performance and high-strength filaments require a stable printing process with high-temperature extrusion and chamber temperature.

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Large chamber volume gives you the opportunity to print large models in one run.

Optimal Build Volume

Large build volume provides the ability to print large or multiple models at one instance

Dimensions of 380 x 380 x 420 mm (approximately 15 x 15 x 16.5 inches) allows for larger models without the requirement to split or post-print assembly.

3DGENCE INDUSTRY F421 has the best volume to price ratio in its class.

Keep your materials always dry and ready to print.

Automatic Multi-Spool Change System, Heated Material Chamber

3DGENCE INDUSTRY F421 keeps your materials dry and ready to print – a critical requirement to printing high-temperature polymers successfully.

A stable environment in the 4-bay heated material chamber includes 2 bays for model materials, and 2 bays for support materials.

The advanced material management system automatically replaces and rotates the materials between the 2 dedicated bays for uninterrupted, high-volume printing.

Guarantee of optimal working conditions.

Smart Material Manager

Guarantee optimal working conditions with the Smart Material Manager.

The NFC scanner collects data of the filament used during the printing process – optimizing working conditions and maximum speed.

The printer continually monitors weight, type, color, and percentage/quantity of filament loaded to ensure a proactive and productive process.

Low maintenance solution.


Always read to print. Low maintenance.

3DGENCE INDUSTRY F421 printer and modules are automatically calibrated to ensure print quality and dimensional accuracy – without the need for any manual calibration.

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Technical specification


Printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Build volume: 15 X 15 x 16.5 in, 380 x 380 x 420 mm
Minimum layer height: 50um
Printing nozzles: 2
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Model filament type: PLA, ABS, ABS-ESD, ASA, PA6, PA-CF, LEXAN, PC, PC-ABS, PEKK-CF, ULTEM 9085, PEEK, PEKK, VICTREX AM™ 200
Support filament type: HIPS, ESM-10
Printhead max temperature: 930˚F, 500˚C
Buildplate temperature: 356˚F, 180˚C
Chamber temperature (max.): 356˚F, 180˚C
Filament chamber temperature (max.): 122˚F, 50˚C


Travel move: up to 1000 mm/s
Printing speed: up to 400 mm/s


Power requirements: 3ph 32A IEC 60309 plug / 1ph 20A direct
Average power consumption: 1500 W
Max power consumption: 4600 W
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, USB drive


Slicing software: 3DGence Slicer 4.0
Cloud based services: 3DGence Cloud
Supported file types: .stl, .obj
Host platform: Windows, macOS


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