3DGence ONE printer together with FLEX hotend and 0.5 kg of filament! Special offer available at our partners.

Introducing the 3DGence Slicer software allowed the company to work closer with filament manufacturers. One of the special projects called „We’re printing rubber” is currently entering the market. The 3Dgence ONE printer supports Fiberflex 40D from Fiberlogy by default. We have two settings options here: „SOFT” will create a sponge-like structure filling of the printout and „HARD” will keep the printout stiff, while at the same time maintaining its unique flexibility.

Mars rover tire printed with Fiberflex 40D filament for University Rover Challenge 2018 in Utah.
Authors: Andrzej Zakręcki, Bartłomiej Gaczorek*



„We are very happy with the quality and printing speed when using the Fiberflex filament. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with 3DGence ONE. We are now adding a FLEX hotend (dedicated to elastic filaments) and 0,5 kg of Fiberflex 40D material to every printer. Elastic printouts can be found in many industries, where they are used as flexible joints or shielding elements.”

Katarzyna Rabij – Product Manager 3DGence


*The mars rover project was made by:
a) AGH Space Systems (scientific team) –  Andrzej Zakręcki responsible for project (mechanical design in the CAD program, calculations and strength tests)
b) Crystal Cave – manufactured tires with a pattern to fill them,
c) Fiberlogy – manufactured filament Fiberflex 40D.


The promotion is valid till the end of September, or while stock lasts.