Who are we?

We are the Scientific Circle of Vehicles and Mobile Robots and we’re working with wide range of electric vehicles. So far, our students have constructed 5 electric motorcycles anf the first Polish Autonomous Vehicle “JUREK” – based on Toyota Yaris 1.2. This year we work on continuation and development of projects listed above, as well as on the new Zero Emission Car (ZEC) – world’s first electric car created for drifting. We already have all the chassis elements, the suspension, most of the car’s shell, and almost all of the drive system. We are currently working on battery Pack engine controls and other components. We also specialize in providing services to other student organisations from the Wroclaw University of Technology, in 3D printing, welding and other locksmith services.

00103.00_00_43_12.Still005Why do we construct electric vehicles and who are they for?

With each passing year, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in Poland, but in many countries, the electric revolution is growing much faster. We are confident that electric vehicles will soon take over polish roads and we want to help speeding up this process. We develop technology for LEM vehicles to be as practical as possible. We are also trying to popularise ecological transportation and to increase awareness of differences between the conventional and electric means of transport.

00103.00_01_05_19.Still008How do 3D printers help us every day?

In addition to standard applications like printing, toys, gifts, key chains, etc., we’re trying to adapt possibilities of 3D printing to fit our needs. One of these applications is to print a motorbike shell. 3D printing is supported by lamination in the strengthening of joints and the whole structure of the portion of the skin. The use of 3D printing saved us many hours of work that we would normally need to spend in order to create positives, negatives and molds. Actually, not only time is saved here, but also a lot of money. Execution of such forms, together with the milling and finishing, costs a few thousand €. In our case, both the tank and the bowl ultimately cost us about 100€. In addition, 3D printing allows us to prototype and, if necessary, to implement our ideas into practice.

00103.00_01_24_01.Still014How did we save time and money?

As I’ve mentioned above, we saved money mainly on conversion technologies. When the printer is working and you look at it once in half an hour or so, you can control the printout until it ends. When working with forms, CNC milling machines and other more conventional tools used for creating motorcycle shell, it’s impossible to do. It requires both more money spent on materials and time devoted to the development of the finished item.

DSC_0329The accuracy of performance – how does it help?

3D printing, especially the FDM method, is characterized by lack of layer visibility and with smooth printout surface, but it’s very much dependant on a printer used and on the person who operates it. The Li-Ion battery cell basket we’ve been printing out had to be done very carefully, not only due to the fact that it connects to other baskets, but also due to the fact that it has to keep the batteries quite tight. After a few attempts, we managed to get a model that meets all of these assumptions and with virtually no post-processing, the baskets were ready for use.

zespół 3dgenceWhy 3DGence ONE?

3D printing technology is limited only by your imagination. In case of FDM technology, we are not only able to print desk figurines, but also custom, unique parts for more serious applications, such as electric motorcycles. FDM method used by 3DGence ONE enabled us to reduce the battery weight, to create a designer front chassis and other elements. For outsiders, it might seem like a little, but smaller battery saved us hundreds of hours and thousands of €. It really meant that we were able to create this project on time and in such form, as we’ve expected when we started designing it. With 3DGence ONE we’ve learned how to save time and money creating product we’ve dreamed of.

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