3DGence as one of the first companies in the world announced the introduction of soluble support material for PEEK printouts. 

The ESM-10 (Engineering Soluble Material) is one of a series of engineering filaments used to create complex 3D prints that require complex supports. It guarantees proper support of PEEK and ABS material, which can be washed out in the prepared water solution. The ESM-10  ensures the stability of the support structure in a heated chamber above 80 °C. This innovative filament is compatible with the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 industrial 3D printer.

An introduction of the ESM-10 is a milestone not only for 3DGence but also for the entire 3D printing industry. Soluble support filament for technical materials creates new opportunities, especially for industrial companies. Creating prints with advanced geometry and large dimensions is now easier

Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Manager 3DGence

ESM-10, soluble filament support for PEEK and ABS


Rinsing the ESM-10 support material

Moreover, 3DGence introduced the SDS (Support Dissolving System), a circulation tank designed to dissolve the support material from 3D prints. The device is equipped with an actively heated working chamber with a capacity of 55,2 liters. 3DGence SDS has been also equipped with a basket for 3D prints, with 36 cm x 36 cm x 28 cm dimensions, which enables immersion of large-size models in a water solution.

The insulation and the heating system guarantee a temperature suitable for the efficient removal of the supports. Into the circulation tank, a dedicated chemical solvent should be poured, which will dissolve the ESM-10 without damaging the model material.

Filling and emptying of the station are extremely easy thanks to the connection to the water system and the water pump. The chemical solution together with the dissolved ESM-10 material can be safely discharged into the sewage system after rinsing.

SDS is dedicated to removing support structures from 3D prints made of PEEK or ABS. Its greatest advantage is that it eliminates the need for manually removing supports. Thanks to this solution we can be sure that the printed model will not be damaged in any way. In the automated rinsing process we can obtain a clean model free of supports, which is fully functional

Filip Turzyński, Quality Development Manager 3DGence


ESM-10 vs. PVA

The ESM-10 is an advanced support material designed for technical applications. The ESM-10 provides effective support for model materials such as ABS and PEEK. However, it is not recommended to combine it with PLA filament, which is better to print with soluble materials such as PVA or BVOH. The ESM-10 endures the temperature of the working chamber in which it can be printed. Due to the possibility of printing at high temperatures, the use of this material does not cause clogging of the hotends. Thanks to the unique features of the ESM-10, it is possible to apply it to technical materials where popular PVA or BVOH cannot be used. In addition, the ESM-10 does not recrystallize, which may cause dissolution of the material or failure of the hotends.


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