3D printing in practice

Nowadays 3D printers are still not very popular at the universities, only students from some departments have a possibility to work with them. That is why cooperation between 3DGence and the Silesian University of Technology allows young people establish new work practice in a modern production company.

Three students of the Silesian University of Technology joined the Faktoria 3D team and learn about 3D printing technology. The extensive internship program includes a comprehensive understanding of the 3D printers in different technologies.  Trainees can get to know more about the construction of 3D printers including 3DGence ONE, INDUSTRY F340 and DOUBLE. They quickly develop skills in Autodesk Inventor environments thanks to creating their own 3D models and preparing them for printing in 3DGence Slicer. Adrianna, Klaudia, and Szymon find out how to choose the right material for a particular project, they also independently coordinate the entire printing process and deal with post-processing of the model.

Every day we can learn something new in 3DGence. We explore knowledge of the mechanics of 3D printers, get to know which material we can use and design models in CAD program.

Klaudia, student of Biomedical Engineering

Internship at 3D printers manufacturer

Carrer Office of the Silesian University of Technology oversee the program “From A to Z – from activity to employment” and the main assumption is to increase the young people opportunities on the labor market by establishing a valuable internship. Thanks to that graduates of technical universities can easily start their career path. Young engineers especially wanted to have an internship in the company dealing with 3D printing due to their interest – 3DGence is the only one large 3D printing producer in Silesia. Students were selected on the basis of sent CV and interviews. Paweł Kogut, the internship tutor, developed a detailed practice plan so that students have the opportunity to find out all aspects of work in a company connected with modern technology.

We want students to focus primarily on independent work. It is important to create them a lot of opportunities and show how they can demonstrate creativity  through to the implementation of a assigned task as well as larger, own projects.

Paweł Kogut, 3D Printing Farm Manager

We print comprehensively

Faktoria 3D is a department providing 3D printing services, which is a part of 3DGence company. In its machinery park, about 35 different 3D printers are working all the time. Faktoria 3D completed several dozens of projects.In a portfolio, we can find mock-up’s of particular mining machinery manufactured by the FAMUR Group with the use of 3D printing and fire engine’s manifold printout for Bocar company.

Students acquire technical knowledge really quickly. They are finding themselves much faster in a production company, due to the fact that they are engineers,

Marcel Skaza, 3D Printing Specialist

Find out more about 3D printing services, go to Faktoria 3D and see what other projects we can create. Meet the 3DGence 3D printers INDUSTRY F340 and ONE, will help you to materialize your idea.