3D Printing is already used in healthcare, architecture and automotive industry but integrating it with the largest entertainment industry in the world – video games – is truly a match made in heaven. This perfect integration is becoming a reality thanks to the G2A 3D+ project, creation of G2A.COM, a global leader in digital entertainment software distribution and 3DGence, a rising star in best-in-class 3D printer manufacturer.

Imagine yourself playing your favourite RPG game. It’s 4am and you’ve just received your sought-after armor piece. Now, imagine that with just a push of a “3D Print It” button you can freeze-frame your character and have a 3D-print ready file. If you own a 3D printer, this great video game character can be physically yours by the time you wake up from your well-deserved sleep. But worry not if you don’t have one either. G2A 3D+ has got you covered and will include all-in-one platform allowing you to have your 3D printed item send directly to your doorstep.

Untitled-3G2A.COM has been following 3D printing market very closely and has chosen to partner with the best 3D printer manufacturer, 3DGence. Both companies have plenty in common – in-depth knowledge of their market and desire of delivering the best products, services and overall best experience possible. G2A 3D+ will bridge the gap between virtual and real world” – says Patryk Kadlec, Head of Global Business Development at G2A.COM and Co-founder of 3DGence.

Ability of printing licensed IP’s, characters, vehicles or variety of in-game content is just a small taste of things to come in 3D-printed world. G2A.COM has built great partnerships and with over 200mln gaming customer base G2A 3D+ has the potential to become the largest social network connecting video game developers, gamers, 3D enthusiasts, architects, engineers and designers. G2A 3D+ platform will give its users the freedom to upload, share for free or sell their content and ability to print wealth of content for current owners of 3D printers. This will propel the growth of 3D content in a blink of an eye.

“Finally, we’ll have our own place online in which creative individuals will be able to fulfill their desire of accomplishment and receive real benefits for their creative work. We’re planning to host a wide range of 3D printing competitions within G2A 3D+, create new social initiatives such us real-time 3D design, enthusiast conventions and many more. We want to give people the opportunity to develop their skills and while having plenty of fun” – said Jakub Sołtysik, Marketing and PR Manager for 3DGence.

20160118_132335Fuero Games, The Farm 51, Anshar Studios and Awaken Realms are among the first video game developers and adopters of G2A 3D+ who have confirmed their participation.  Full list of participants will follow. Every company wishing to benefit from G2A 3D+ will be able to become part of this 3D printing family.

„Having the ability to print our game characters is a great way to get players more engaged with a given title. Virtual content existing only within the game will now become tangible, creating greater gamer’s engagement with the game” – thinks Michał Bujko, Head of Production at Fuero Games.

G2A 3D+ intent isn’t only the video game market. It’ll provide ready-to-use business applications and modules which will only encourage businesses to become part of the ecosystem. One of the largest and confirmed G2A 3D+ partners is MSI, leader in worldwide PC lineup industry, which for years have been organizing competitions and PC case modding – which perfectly matches our overall strategy. G2A 3D+ has an opportunity to become the largest 3D printing market. G2A.COM and 3DGence set their expectations high not only in gaming industry, but in many other industries such as jewelry, automotive, architecture and healthcare.

“If  2016 is the year of virtual reality, 2017 will be the year of 3D print. If G2A.COM gets behind project such as this one, it has a chance to make it GREAT”– says Łukasz Hacura, owner of Anshar Studios.

Official G2A 3D+ announcement is taking place during Taipei Game Show, January 28-29th, 2016 and the launch of the service is initially planned for of Q2, 2016. Virtual world is about to becomes reality.