One of the richest men in Poland – industrialist Michał Sołowow, whose fortune is estimated at PLN 7.7 billion (over $2 billion) has put his trust in 3DGence and invested in our company. It is the biggest investment of this kind in polish 3D printing industry and probably one of the biggest in Europe. Under the wings of Michał Sołowow, we are striving to become one of the leaders of the global 3D printers market.
Michał Sołowow in one of his previous interviews said, that the main condition for good investments is knowledge of the industry and the companies in which to invest. Therefore, he has seen in a lot of potential in 3DGence. The entrepreneur came through its fund Ipopema 112 FIZ AN – as shareholder of the company, becoming its co-owner. Sołowow currently holds 49 percent of the 3DGence shares.

We are a young company and our hard work has just been acknowledged, but this is only the beginning of 3DGence’s journey. Our opportunities are virtually limitless now and we are already doing everything to take our project to the top. From now on, we will work twice as hard to reach our goals and you will be hearing about us a lot in the incoming months.