Main features

On the way to continous improvement and meeting the needs of the market the software is constantly developed and enriched of new functionalities.

Simple to use – the best possible printout obtained without user intervention
Each profile has been prepared and individually tested for at least 100h of printing
Automatic update of the latest material profiles
Optimization for dual material printing
For advanced users is available an option allowing to change all advanced print settings
An intuitive material selection system, visual quality and print strength
Supports Windows, macOS and Linux systems

Guaranteed print quality

3DGence Slicer – software for preparing files for 3D printing based on CAD models for 3DGence printers.

The manufacturer guarantees the highest possible quality of models made using dedicated software and materials.

The manufacturer provides full support using the prepared print profiles in the software and recommended materials for printing.

Available functionalities

Splitting models with a plane
Dividing models with automatically generated grooves for printing large models in parts and simple assembly after printing
Moving, scaling, rotating models
Duplicating models
Automatically setting models on the heatbed
Laying models on a specific wall
Choosing a printer conditioning the choice of available materials
The certified materials base with the option of selecting others from outside the list
All advanced print settings available from the advanced editing level
Preview of .gcode files
Separation of files containing many geometries, e.g. assemblies
Advanced, dual material settings allowing the use of supports generated in an external program

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + [C]

Duplicate the selected model

Ctrl + [P]

Prepare model to print

Ctrl + [S]

Save .gcode (only in the layer view)

Ctrl + [,]

Select the previous model

Ctrl + [.]

Select the next model

Ctrl + [L]

Activate the function “Align Face to Bed”


Delete the selected model


Delete the selected model


Zoom the camera to the model


Move the camera away from the model

Arrow keys during activating the layer preview function – moving the active layer (up and right – up, down and left – down)
Arrow keys after activating any other control on the left side (eg turning) identical with pressing the [+] and [-] buttons (left – less, right – more, up and down inactive)
Arrow keys in any other situation – rotating the camera by 5 degrees