Dual extruder 3D printer has been added to 3DGence’s portfolio. 3DGence DOUBLE is a new product which allows printing from the model and support material.


3DGence launched a new 3D printer

3DGence DOUBLE will come on the market on 15th of March. This 3D printer was designed to create high-quality and detailed prints. 3DGence DOUBLE has the ability to print using two materials – model and support, including water soluble BVOH. The ease of support separation from the model is possible due to a water soluble material. 3D printing geometrically complex models is not a problem anymore.

Left: The 3D print from PLA – model material and BVOH – support material. Right: The same 3D print after soluble material dissolved.


Available materials

3DGence DOUBLE has an open material base. Right now available materials are:

  • PLA
  • PET
  • PP
  • Fiberflex 40D (elastic filament)

R&D department constantly implements new materials, among others ABS. 3DGence DOUBLE is compatible with most filaments available on the market. The company started cooperation with VERBATIM. This filaments producer is a supplier of materials such as PLA or BVOH used by 3DGence DOUBLE.

PLA material from Verbatim on the spool holder


The accuracy of 3D prints

All default settings have been tested for dimensional accuracy, ease of detaching supports and layers lamination. Quality of printouts made on 3DGence DOUBLE printers exceeds the standards.

In the video below you can see a 3D model with advanced geometry. It has been printed by 3DGence DOUBLE. The model was downloaded from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:370


Dedicated software

3DGence Slicer works perfectly with all 3DGence 3D printers. It combines simplicity of use with unlimited possibilities of editing settings for advanced users.

Printing settings can be selected based on the expected visual quality or model durability. Currently, available materials combinations are:


New printings profiles are constantly developed by 3DGence. More materials will be available soon.

Printed model from PLA and BVOH materials placed on exchangeable heatbed


What other features 3DGence DOUBLE has?

Interchangeable heatbed – the possibility to change the ceramic plate.

Autocalibration – there is no need for the user to calibrate the device manually. Due to special sensors, the 3D printer scans the heatbed and stores the map of points, the device detects any surface irregularities. The measurement of the height of the head above the heatbed is done automatically.

– The material flow control system – the extrusion quality measurement system is equipped with automatic error detection, which enables constant supervision over the quality of each printout.

– Filament end sensor  3DGence DOUBLE will automatically pause printing when it detects the end of material.

Build volume: 190mm x 255mm x 195mm.

Quick hotend exchange system – PUSH – the solution enables to replace hotends in just a few seconds, without the use of tools. 3DGence’s hotends guarantee high-quality printouts.

Dedicated, intelligent stepper motor controllers – their use results in quieter operation of the device, also high positioning precision.

3 levels of thermal protection of the heatbed

Short preparation time of the device for printing – thanks to the high power of heating devices.

– Compact, new design – colorful 4.3’’ touchscreen LCD panel and a metal frame that maintains the rigid structure of the printer.

3DGence DOUBLE – dual extruder 3D printer


Order free sample

Check the print quality 3DGence DOUBLE. Order free sample at double.3dgence.com/en. Check how easy it is to dissolve support material in water. 3D printout will be delivered to – to your home or office.

The price of 3DGence DOUBLE is 3095€.

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